Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fest

This past Saturday was Fall Fest here at Geneva and it happened to be in our parking lot. So right our in our 'front yard'. The kids LOVED it! :) Toby was out all day running around with all the people that were here. We got a couple pictures to capture it.

Toby and Zoe. Both smiling, both looking towards the camera - can't get any better than that!!

Toby got his face painted for the first time. He loved it. He turned into Spiderman.

Toby with his new buddy 'Strawhead'

The wagon that Zoe loved riding in and giving her baby rides in.

And I really wanted Zoe to wear pigtails but the only way she would keep them in was to put them in Toby's hair too. So here they are! My pigtail babies!!