Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unca Josh visits!

Since we have gotten back from Indiana we have been having some fun. My brother Josh got to come out here for 4 days and Toby loved that so much! All I heard was "Hey Unca Josh" and there was alot of laughing!! He left this morning during a big snow storm that we were having. He left early enough though that he made it home safe! Here are some things that we did. 

Josh and Toby built a tower with his big lego blocks. Toby was so proud of it! 
Toby always woke Unca Josh up in the mornings and from naps. Here he is cuddling with him! 
Toby hanging out with the "HUGE" snowman that we made today.
Toby liked the baby snowman that someone made too. 
Toby helping daddy roll the body for the snowman. 
He lost interest in the snowman because throwing snowballs at people was more fun! Watch out Domper! 
Here he is in a big pile of snow. We lost his feet! 
We went to Jerome Bettis' restaurant for some good food! 
Jerome was there doing his radio talk show so we got to see him! Pretty cool! 
Our booth. Dan, Josh, Toby and me. Of course we had to have the golf channel on!! 

Classes start on Monday and so students are now coming back and things will start up again here soon! We had a great break and a little sad it's over but glad that things are going to start to be more on schedule again! We are now preparing for our new little girl that will be here very soon!