Wednesday, October 15, 2008

for fun

I was just looking through some old pictures and found one of our favorites of Brian and Toby. We took another one just like. Can you see the difference? :) 

When Toby is 2 months old : 
When Toby is 2 years old :

Toby also got a fun new toy from a friend here. He calls it his 'football guy'. 

Toby loves riding his tricycle. However he hasn't quite learned how to use the pedals so he just moves along with his feet on the ground. 

Our most recent family picture. I love my family! 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Homecoming weekend

This past weekend was Homecoming weekend here and Geneva. There was so much for us to do. In the morning I went on the family fun walk with 3 other ladies here. We ended on the football field where Toby and Brian were playing waiting for us. Toby loved being able to play on the actual football field. We got to ride a train and watch Taylor freeze in the dunk tank. Toby got to hit the button a couple times to make him fall in. He also loved that! Then there was the football game Saturday night. We lost the game but it was still a fun time! Oh and Friday night the RA's in the apartments had an event where they rented a rock climbing wall and a bungy jump. Toby loved the jump.....he didn't try the wall. Here are some pictures. 
Toby jumping. 
Getting all strapped in. 
Toby and Daddy got glow bands. Showing them off. 
Family photo at the game.
Toby waiting for the game to start. Football sweatshirt on and all! 
Going out in the morning for the fun walk. 
Saturday morning goofing off for the camera! 
Finally a good smile shot! 

I will try to get some of the pictures from the walk to get on here. It was a fun weekend!