Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not a good thing....

I need to become a morning person. I have gone through a period where I did a great job being a good morning person. That has long passed. I hate mornings. I always have. Just ask my parents! Now I need to change this.
This morning Toby was eating breakfast and I was feeding Zoe her breakfast when all of a sudden Toby showed me a picture of a lady. He told me he wanted her to be his mommy. He wants his daddy and that lady to be his mom. WOW! That is just not what I wanted to hear! Maybe I shouldn't be so grumpy in the mornings, or maybe I should just stay in bed like Brian until I am awake and happy. I guess getting up with the kids isn't good enough, they want you to be happy like them.
I have lots of work to do to get there. And need lots of prayer to get there.
This was NOT a good way to start my day but here goes.......

Saturday, March 13, 2010

new tricks

Indiana Grandpa showed Toby how he gargles the last time we were visiting. Well Toby tried to do this and got it pretty fast! He loves his new trick!!

Now this is an old trick, just perfected now! Some of you may remember Zoe's crawl. I called it the gimpy crawl, my dad called it the handicapped crawl. (I feel like both aren't really the most encouraging things!! ha ha!) Well yesterday she was crawling and I had to do a double take because she was crawling NORMAL!! take a look.