Saturday, May 16, 2009

summer is here

It's official. Summer has arrived. When all the students pack up and leave, I know it's summer. This year I was not ready for it to happen. I was enjoying having people around all day everyday to talk to or to play with or to just know I am not alone in this big huge building during the day! Well graduation happened to day and we had to say our goodbyes. Goodbye for a summer to some and goodbye for a while to others.
Here is how we spent the last couple weeks and a couple of the awesome students we get to share our life with:

Ate at the hot dog shoppe for breakfast for the first time...It was wonderful! 
Spent some time with Krista who is going to be working in Jamaica all summer. Then she is going to be in D.C finishing up her program. We will miss her next fall. 
Hung out with Ashlie, my friends soul mate, lots. She will be gone all summer working at a camp. We can't wait for her to come back in the Fall!! 
Walking around the new part of campus the day it opened up. It looks wonderful! 
Taking family portraits of our family of 4! 
And going to graduation. Jenine graduated and is getting married this summer. Toby is her ring bearer and will be living right down the road. We are excited for them staying here! 

We love that we get to work with students. They teach us so much. Beaver Falls just won't be the same without all of the students here. 

Friday, May 1, 2009

Phone fun

I always wondered when this would happen. Today it did. We got back to the apartment after lunch and I was getting Zoe in bed, since she was sleeping, when the apartment phone rang. Up until now Toby has just ignored it but today he decided to answer it! This is what I heard, 

"okay, welcome"

When I came out he was hanging up the phone and he said they asked for Brian. I asked him if he knew who Brian was and he said "It's Daddy!!" :) 
So if you call our apartment phone you just might get Toby instead of one of us!!