Sunday, July 25, 2010

And Toby is....

Yes, the cake is right. There is a 4 on it! Toby is 4! Where does the time go?! We had a great time celebrating. Toby wanted Buzz Lightyear and Mario on a cake and this is what he got. Pretty nice huh?! I can't take credit for it....all I did was ask the right person to make it for me! :)
Here are a few pics from his party.

This is true. One day you will see this little boy on a cereal box!

Got to do one of his favorite things..... golf!! They kept score and even though Toby lost he was only 1 stroke behind my dad! Toby is a good golfer! :)

Water bumper boats!! This was so fun! Even Brian had a blast on them! It was so hot out that it felt awesome to get wet!

Kristie, Simone and Gavin were in the opposing boat getting Toby and Brian wet! There were lots of squeals and laughing!!

A little bit of flying!

Zoe was even trying to play some of the arcade games! I don't think she knows that you don't usually get to climb in them! :)

We had so much fun and Toby enjoyed everything we did with him! Here's to another fun year with Toby!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tobys hair cut

Toby had been telling us that he wanted to grow his hair out. Which we were ok with because he looked pretty sweet with long hair! :) Here is what he looked like....

Well we left him for a week at my parents house. It was hot. My mom said that he wanted to get a hair cut when he was there. So she took him to get a hair cut. Goodbye sweet long blonde hair. Goodbye young Toby. Here he is with his new due and his cousin Xavier.

Still a cute little guy!